What’s a Brand?

“Your brand is deeper than a logo. It is the feeling your customers and prospects get when your offering is placed before them.”

As Fast Company’s David Brier would say, a strong brand stands for something as well as being opposed to something else.


  • What they do: A company that manages to charge several dollars for a beverage made from beans that cost pennies a cup.
  • What they stand for: Customers should be able to get a beverage exactly the way they want it, because they are special.
  • What they are against: We don’t rush our customers or treat them like a low end coffee shop, because they are special.


  • What they do: Manufacture computers, phones and tablets that cost more than the competition.
  • What they stand for: Cool, stylish devices that work well, because their customers are cool and stylish.
  • What they are against: Complicated technology, because their customers aren’t all tech geeks (remember the cool stylish part?)


  • What they do: Make a fizzy beverage with no nutritional value.
  • What they stand for: a sweet fizzy way to get some cool liquid energy into your system and perk you up.
  • What they are against: Did we mention? We do NOT taste like Coca Cola. Yuck.



I want one of those

By now you have a good understanding of how we see a brand. There isn’t a lot more to say on branding. You either want the kind of brand that creates an experience for people, or you just want a logo. Really it’s up to you. Let us know.



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