About Us

The team at All Your Ducks (AYD) has been in the Manufacturing ERP space dating back to 1996! Our members have implemented ERP, CRM, Warehousing, Data Collection, Maintenance systems… the list goes on.

Our clients engage us for more than only implementations. Our clients rely on us to advise them on their technology stack so they can reach their full potential for their businesses and their users. We also perform:

  • Requirements Analysis and Business Driver Identification
  • Software Evaluation
  • Project Management and Oversight for implementations spanning multiple systems in parallel

We get All Your Ducks in a row for you. That leaves you to do what you wanted to do in the first place – your business. We just help you set it up and keep it on track.


John Foster part of the ownership and current president of AYD. He began his career as an intern that was asked to connect shop floor automation systems (PLCs and Robots) to ERP systems to track finished goods production and inventory consumption. Later he learned and implemented SCADA, Warehousing, and Preventative Maintenance systems. A trained professional engineer from the University of Waterloo, he insists on a methodical approach to assessments and implementations.