The team at All Your Ducks (AYD) lived in big companies for many years with access to 3 things:

  • powerful technologyBig business with big resources
  • people who could do side tasks for us
  • people who knew “the ropes” in certain areas

…and those 3 things have traditionally been the barriers to new players in most industries. At a certain point our team realized:

small business with resources

  • technology is no longer expensive
  • it is easy to find cheap labor to do side tasks
  • we had become those people that knew “the ropes”

So we tried our own startup… and it worked. Then we tried another, and another. Then some friends asked us to help them out, and so did another friend, and another, and another. It was organic. Those friends started introducing us to other people that could use our help… and at that point AYD became tangible. It was easy. We had been there. Often. We knew how to make it easy for other people.

We get All Your Ducks in a row for you. That leaves you to do what you wanted to do in the first place – your business. We just help you set it up and keep it on track.