Strategy – do you have it? Do you need it?

Getting to the next level – that’s what its all about actually. People use the word “strategy” to describe different things. They use it to describe vague intentions and best-case scenarios… Let us be blunt: There is nothing vague about strategy. Strategy is the science of knowing your current reality, what you want it to become, and how to make it happen.

The current revenue level of your business will most likely determine what you strategy needs to focus on:

Stage One: Zero to $1 million in revenue
Biggest Issue: There’s a lot you don’t know
Biggest Challenge: Making sales that are profitable
Biggest Opportunity: Getting enough customers
Strategy Focus: Getting things going, selling

Stage Two: $1 million to $10 million
Biggest Issue: Getting beyond ‘break even’ or losing money
Biggest Challenge: Adding products or services that make money – and doing it quickly
Biggest Opportunity: Innovating, managing cash flow, becoming profitable
Strategy Focus: Growth by testing new ideas

Stage Three: $10 million to $50 million
Biggest Issue: Original technology and processes are too small and effecting customers
Biggest Challenge: Choosing new technology and processes that fit your current level of business
Biggest Opportunity: Systematizing the way you do things so micro-managing is not necessary
Strategy Focus: Visibility of Information and delegating decision-making

Stage Four: $50 million and beyond
… if your business is at this stage, you need more help than our team can provide. We focus on bringing businesses from inception to stability. There are proportionally very few businesses that reach this stage, and our experience helping them is limited. Our “sweet spot” is starting and growing… startups.

Okay, I get it. Now what?

Give a simple honest answer to one big question: Do you know how to turn the business you have into the business you want? Can you define what exactly that would look like? We will teach you to define both your current reality and your future vision, and turn it from concept into a written timeline.


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