“The most common obstacle startups face is… getting started!

Here’s how it begins:

          • you have an idea
          • you know how to do some of what needs to be done
          • you even have some people interested once you actually start up.


Life is good. You’re ready to start, but then…

  • you need some advertising – business cards, a website, etc
  • you don’t know how to legally set up a business
  • you’re not sure how to reach out to prospects


How to move forward?

Basically you need some help starting your business… and that’s what we do.  In 3 weeks you will have:

            • a website
            • business cards
            • a legal business entity
            • one piece of collateral such as brochure or flyer

So what happens next?

Some people have the right mindset to start a business, and others need more development first. Before our team takes on any project, we require a 1-hour interview with the prospective client. We use that time to determine whether a partnership will benefit both parties at this time. Some may call it choosy, we call it responsible.


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