Alright, you’re here. You’re on the page. Marketing. For now we’ll assume you probably need it, but do you know what it is?

Marketing versus Advertising

Let’s be clear: Marketing is not the same as advertising.  What’s the difference? Advertising is the Google Adword ad, or the guy on the street corner with a sign that say’s there is an end-of-season sale down the road.

Marketing is figuring out who needs to see that sign, and how best to reach them. Once you figure that out you can go advertise.

You may need help if :

    • you aren’t sure who wants your stuff (whatever stuff that is)
    • you don’t have a marketing plan – period
    • you don’t have enough prospects or customers


We will help you:

  • define who you should be targeting
  • figure out how much effort is required to get enough leads
  • give you a way to measure how effective your efforts are


How to move forward?

Have you decided you need help marketing? We will work with you and create:

    • a marketing plan
    • marketing metrics to see if the plan is working


So what happens next?

Some people have the right mindset to start a business, and others need more development first. Before our team takes on any project, we require a 1-hour interview with the prospective client. We use that time to determine whether a partnership will benefit both parties at this time. Some may call it choosy, we call it responsible.


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